You still have some questions ? Here is an answer to the most frequently asked questions

We provide companies with our serices. Our expertise in peer-learning enable us to offer a tailor-made syllabus for other companies. Also, a little part of our incomes come from 80% of our corsaire. They show us their gratitude by eventually donating their bond at the end of the training.

We are about to set up an "evening classes" option. Stay tuned by signing up to our website, we'll keep you informed about any changes.

You'll be way behind if you miss a whole week, it is almost impossible to make up at this point.

Whatever the reason, we'll make you go 'pirate'

No teacher at THP, that's the rule. However, you can chose the mentoring option when it will get too rough for you. It's not a free option though. And don't forget that you have access to the slack with the best community ever at your disposal when you struggle.

You are free to chose a place with your group. If your team wants to meet in a flat, working on a sofa, you're free to do so. If they decide to try all the coworking cafés of your town, you're free to do so. If they want to club-together so you they can afford to rent a local, you're free to do so. If your team finds a park with a Wi-Fi access and electrical outlet, you know what ? You're free to do so !

We'll do our best to find at least 4 or 5 mates in a town that counts more than 150 000 inhabitants ;)

The official accreditation is in progress. We currently don't provide any certification but real actual skills.

We've been thinking a lot about it. If by any chance you would like to contribute, please contact us !

Anything works, really !

If you have more questions, please contact us at