Prochaine session

From April 01, 2019 to June 14, 2019

The syllabus


During the first week, we're going to work on the computing basics: how to use the terminal command line, what are Git and Github. Then, we'll show you how to code your first web pages, and how to make it more more dynamic with some Javascript.

Project Example : Recreate the google homepage.
Scripts and Object-oriented programming

During the following weeks, we're going to enter the magical world of algorithm, helped by Ruby, a very high level programming language. We're going to learn how to use Ruby to build real applications, using <i>growth hacking</i> techniques , and using APIs while having fun with some Bots. Then, we'll focus on the Object-oriented programming, one important Ruby's component.

Project Example : Create a Twitter bot that will post statuses for you.
Ruby on Rails (Database and complexed app)

During this three weeks, we're going to dive into the famous Ruby On Rails framework that enables you to build web application. We'll figure out how the websites work, before studying the Rails MVC model, so you can create tons of web applications. Obviously, we'll adress the software architecture topic. Also, we'll have a fun little journey in the database world.

Project Example : Create a booking flight website.
Shiny front end

This two weeks will be dedicated to the websites front part: we'll learn how to make your website more beautiful, and more optimised for mobiles. We'll introduce the most famous frameworks such as Boostrap, and we'll learn how to give a lift to your pages thanks to the popular language: Javascript.

Project Example : Create an email app with AJAX and Rails
The final project - fulfill your dreams

After you all struggled with different programming languages during this 9 weeks, we'll focus for the last 3 weeks on the implementation of big projects. During one week, you'll work with your team on a complex website Airbnb style . Then, during the last two weeks, we will ask you to do what we call: a final project, You'll build it by implementing YOUR own idea. We will ask you to set up a group that counts bewteen 3 and 5 people and to find a mentor. After that, you'll have all the tools you need to look into a real project that will shine later on your resume.

Project Example : The startup of your dream !

A typical day at THP

You're still tired from your week-end, you're barely awake, still it's time to get down with it again ! It's monday, and you've been in The Hacking Project for 3 weeks alreay.
You fixed a meetup with your group at the library. You show up at time, and now you're ready to work on the project of the day with your team:

Morning you will learn about APIs : what it is and how it works.

Noon You grab something to eat with your team and and talk about the last projects you worked on

Afternoon You'll find out about how to relly use an API. For instance, you need to create a bot (a little program that automates human manual taks) that will enable you to follow all the news about Elon Musk, the American billionaire who is famous for launching rockets towards Mars. Your task may be to make sure your bot automatically likes all his twitter statuses.

After that, you'll look into the stock market price in realtime by means of an API to create a trading algorithm (you'll see, it's not that complicate).

End of the day You can go home to rest. The boldest ones will keep working at home on some concept of the day or from the previous week.

Here are some important things to know

We implemented a deposit system . In terms of law, the training is not free, however you have the possibility to get your money back once you completed it.

Our concept is very affordable and our average prices cost 20 times less expensive that any other classic training. At this price, it is impossible for us to offer you a place where you can attend the training. If you live in a small town, we do our best to find you some mates to work with..

Before getting started, it is requested to do what we call the precursus. It is a good insight of the programming wold and it enables you to confirm your motivationet. It is available and acessible for everyone here

And after ?

Ok, it's pretty cool to learn about coding at THP but, what can I do after The Hacking Project ?

  • Start your own business.

    50% of our mates come out of THP with the strength and the will of setting up their own small businesses.

  • Dual skills.

    40% of our corsaire did THP because they thought that being able to code would be useful to their job : whether it has to do with the automation of tasks, or with the implementation of web pages, or even with the ability to understand developers when they talk, THP makes you more interesing on the labour market.

  • Become a web developer.

    Around 10% of our students decide to turn to a developper career.

Top 6 reasons of doing this training.

Sell yourself

Mastering at least one programming language is a big skill that will shine on your resume! An employer won't miss it

Satisfy your curiosity

Are you curious? Then go for it! The Hacking Project is open to everyone. If you're eager to learn new languages, this is the perfect place for you.

Create little programs

Being able to code and understand it enables you to automate repetitive daily tasks and therefore saves you some time.

Test your idea

You have an idea ? Set an MVP up to prove that you concept might work! Your go to market moves from 1 year to 4 months.

Change your career

You want to go on the road of IT development ? You represent 10% only of the people who complete the training. But with a lot of work and will, we guarantee you at least, an internship.

The THP community

It's a big family who counts many moussaillons, corsaires, and mentors in a very healthy and caring atmosphere.